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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small Ideas with Big Impact

At the moment I am on my vacations in Germany, but met many people and schools which wants to help and exactly this is what we want to achieve: children worldwide helping children in Japan.

I just like to give some examples of the great help which we are receiving for the school kids in Japan:

  • Elementary School in Lohe (Germany) organized a flea market
  • A colleague of us in Italy is planning to host a charity party
  • The Heinrich Boell School in Goettingen (Germany) organized a charity cafe
  • The Elementary School in Benkhausen (Germany) did hold a church service and collected a donation for our project
  • A French DJ is planning to organize a charity event
  • Gesamtschule Porta Westfalica (Germany) is planning to coordinate picture paintings and a small concert or party
  • Schuetzenverein Nettelstedt (Shooting Club) - Germany - organized a ballon competition, sold flower chains and collected donations four our cause
  • Janika sold private toys and things at a local flea market in Germany
  • Schools in Egypt, Vietnam, US, Germany, France, Singapore, ... are painting pictures for the kids in Japan
  • Herlitz is donating 1000 School Cones
  • DHL is coordinating the logistics
  • ...and many more private donators

We like to thank you to all of you for your courage, motivation and support. AND we promise that we will deliver all of your help to the kids personally.

Please have a look at some of the activities below.



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