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Friday, December 2, 2011

Filling & Packing the School Cones

 Today was the day on which we filled the school cones. Together with 40 school boys and girls of the German School in Tokyo, we filled 951 school cones within 90 minutes. The filling is: school supplies of Herlitz (pens, pencils, eraser, etc.), Japanese and International candies (like Haribo, Ritter Sport, or Jelly Belly), one toy (which could be magic tricks or group games like DokiDoki Gorilla), a funny looking eraser (like McDonalds Burger, Coca Cola Cans, etc.), and a Heating Pack for cold days. You can see some of the items on below pictures.

It was an activity full of joy & pace. At the end our NPO/NGKokkyo naki Kodomotachi (Children without Border) did a short thank you speech with little presents for the kids at the German School as well. I also like to thank Mr Karl Stigler & Mr Harald Gauss from the German School for all their help during the last days and today. We also appreciate the support of the DHL employees and Sam Matsuoka san, the event organizer of "Let`s Party Tokyo".

Now we will bring the school cones and as well all the created photo books and collages with drawings/ postcards from all over the world to Kamaishi, Iwate together with "Let`s Party Tokyo". Monday is the big day and we will report back right after that...

Thanks so much to everyone, who helped and supported us so far!  

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